:) Promise :)

:) Promise :)

Last year, I called them promises.
Promises, not resolutions.

YaY, promises.
That’ll work.
That will get it done

& it did.
For a little while, at least.
For a good part of 2021, actually.
I held on tight to those brand New Year commitments, I did.
Until …
oh, I don’t know …
Until I didn’t.


I found my 2021 Top 10 yesterday.
Ten determined declarations.
A list filled with high hopes, BIG dreams.
I solemnly swear.
I cross my heart.

yep. yep.

Without going into all the tidy details, let’s just say I broke even.
50 / 50
I was very great at some pledges and very not at others.
Not bad.
Not good.
I ended up right smack dab in the middle
& quite frankly, I’m not at all surprised or disheartened.
Because it’s me.
It’s what I do.

Sometimes I eat WAY too much
& sometimes I calculate every crumb that enters my body.

Some days I feel as if I’m in control and I’ve SO, sooooo got this !!
& others ?

Most days I have a plan, a MUST DO, a TODAY !! I’ll do it TODAY
& almost all days, I’m sidetracked.


Bottom line though, within all the do and don’t and get to and maybes and this and that’s and ups and downs and and and and and  …

That was a pretty pleasant year.

Because with every year comes stuff.
I’m just happy to be here, STUFF.

It’s LIFE.
It’s Life !!
& I sure am fond of this loveliness called Life.

This year.

This year, I’m going to continue doing what I do.
I’m going to overeat and eat healthy
Be in control and have absolutely no clue
Get ‘er done, forever zig-zagged
& in the process of it all, I will enjoy each and every single moment.

2021 taught me many lessons.
Most importantly, it reminded me of just how precious THIS is
& how incredibly short our time here can be.

My 2022 vow ?

I’m keeping it simple.
All I want, is to be more.

More open
and honest
and kind
and helpful.
Say the words.
Do nice deeds.
Share the love
& try to be the very best human being I know how to be … !

That’s the plan.




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