Repeated with love and a whole lotta happy on this Eve of the Eve.

♥ Enjoy ♥

I’ve never known anyone who woke up on Christmas morning to a brand spankin, shiny new, bright and beautiful, humongous bow on top, vehicle sitting in the driveway.


Not one.

But from the deal ! Deal ! DEAL ! ! commercials popping up this time every year, one would think THAT is the only gift worth giving.


I mean, yeah, if Santa is handing out cars, I’ll take a 2005 Ford Thunderbird, thank you very much
& if not ?
Oh Well.
I am quite certain I will be just fine.

I like socks.
Really. Really.
Socks are one of my absolute, favorite gifts
& something I am happily sure to receive each year.


It started off as a joke.

Oh, Mom.
Now there was an expert Christmas shopper.
She seriously delighted in the hustle and bustle of it all.
Shop. shop and shop more
& the just one more gift for one would always, automatically just HAVE to turn into one more gift for every single body.
Every time.
All the time.
Gotta keep it even, ya know.
The gift counter might be counting.

Dad ?
Oh he’d be there too.
Driving Mom from Point A to Point B to Point C, D and E.
Helping wrap, cook, bake, prepare, package, write, deliver andandandandand
& everything else that comes along with Christmas doing.
They made quite the tag team, they did.

Somewhere in each and every Christmas season though, we’d hear the quiet voice of this extremely patient man say …
If it were up to me? Socks. You’d alllllllll get socks!

Oh, Dad.
You’re so funny.

& then, THAT Christmas came along.
The one when we realized Mom would be with Jesus on His birthday from now on & we, her family, would have to find our way without.

No, it wasn’t easy.
We CAN’T was our first impulse.
Mom is our backbone, our foundation.
We can’t possibly do.

But, somewhere within that heartache, that confusion, that walking around in a trance, that please, Please, PLEASE Come Back …

Along came socks.

Dad decided to get each and every single one of us socks for Christmas.
From children to grandchildren to great grandchildren to spouses and soon to be-s.
& just so he wouldn’t be the only one with chilly feet, Big Sis gifted Dad some socks too.

They helped us through, they showed us how
& fifteen Christmases later we sooooo know we’ll get and oh ! how we treasure our socks.

Hey Santa ?
Forget the T-Bird.
From now until as long as possibly possible.
Socks, please.


4 Replies to “! SOCKS !”

  1. This is the best! You really evoke emotions with your words. I’ll take socks too.❤️If only one of them was around to give them.