Double Happy

Double Happy

The older me sometimes wonders how the younger me did it. Due in early January, this 8 lb 6 oz bundle of boy, dubbed First, arrived exactly one week before Christmas.

And I think … was I super organized that year ? Had I purchased, wrapped, prepared and trimmed our holiday so tidy and tediously that every little detail was properly held in place ??


Mom had 5 of us running around when #6 decided to join our crew on a December 18th night, fourteen years earlier, but go ahead and ask me if I remember any toy or doll or any other anything besides a chubby newborn sister on December 25th and I’ll happily reply, NOPE.


With all the comings and goings and doings and busyness that comes with having a double birthday so close to Christmas, the actual celebrating of the individual sometimes feels like it gets lost in the shuffle. And I suppose if you ask Son and Sister, they’d probably agree.  But there’s something so special surrounding this 24 that fills me with a warmth like no other.

It’s hers.

It’s his.

It’s theirs

& no matter if they are together or apart, she’ll have an Angel Food cake with chocolate frosting

and he’ll have a Chocolate Chip cake.

They will take a picture somewhere down the line to mark the occasion and a tradition started long ago, will melt together with the often chaotic memories to remind me, once again, it is thisclose to Christmas and life is really, REALLY good.

♥ ♥

& dang, I love the feel of this day.

HAPPY ! HAPPY ! my peeps.

See you in a week !


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