? ♥ ??

? ♥ ??

A few days ago, this body of mine caught a mild case of the sniffles & that’s weird !! but eh, no biggie, I thought,  I’ve dealt with nasal congestion many times before, I’m sure I’ll survive.

Dad and I jumped into his car and traveled here and there that morning and although we both wore masks in buildings, while yappin a foot or so apart in the vehicle, we did not. Husband and I followed our regular routine within those 24 hours too and yep, when married 30+ years, we’ve grown accustomed to sharing space and ew, germs.

But seriously, No. Worries.

Yesterday, late afternoon, though ?? whatever this is knocked me down and hit me hard and a full blown cold with all it’s aches and ughs is where I am on this brand new today. And I’m thinking, hmmm, what’s the difference between a cold and flu anyways, Google ?? And what about you, Covid with all your variants ?? how concerned should I be about you ??

Calm down, calm down I hear my brain whisper. The people gathered in this house on Thanksgiving were fully vaccinated and boostered, that’s what we do, since March of 2020 we’ve played it super safe. And let’s see, besides the running around with Dad and a few trail walks this week, I’ve pretty much stayed within these walls, preparing for Christmas and such … and even the tall guy at the park who always wants to discuss the Chicago Bears  kept his distance … so …

& WoW. See how easy it would be to spread an infection ?? the voice in my head exclaims !!  and DANG, aren’t you happy you followed the advice of Science ?!!??

OH, YES. YES I AM. I wholeheartedly reply. Because, quite honestly ?? I feel like crap at this moment in time and noooooo way do I want anyone else to feel this too, ESPECIALLY those I love most and the vulnerable someones I see  often.


so yeah, back to bed I’ll go, with a pain reliever in my belly and a lesson well learned

and yep, what I’m experiencing is most likely a common cold, but still I wonder … what if   … what if …

? ♥ ??