YaY small

YaY small


Smile is on an adventure to change the world by passing out grins. This is a fun, interactive story, with Smile asking questions and seeking suggestions from the reader along the way.




A sad, little character named Teardrop talks directly to the reader about this sometimes overwhelming emotion and with the reader’s help, Teardrop is happy once again.



Nicey explains how incredibly simple it is and how happy one feels to share kindness with others.


shy, taps into this reserved emotion with the acknowledgement that it is very ok to be quiet and unassuming. Explained in simple, reassuring words and colorful pictures, shy is sure to comfort a bashful someone’s heart.

Bubbles describes situations in which the reader might feel nervous. Interactive and compassionate, Bubbles explains how everyone in the world, at some moment or another, feels this perfectly natural sensation !!

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YaY small.