So. Blessed.

So. Blessed.

I use those words often, in whispered prayers to my friend Jesus, in paragraphs I ponder, in hash-tagged Twitter and Instagram biz I share.



but truth be told ??  It took me way tooooooo l o n g to realize just how blessed my SO. BLESSED. really, truly is  ’cause, ya know, Life, with it’s zig-zaggity busyness sometimes disguises the super important. And there I was walking, doing, existing within the blessed, not realizing, the extent of my so, sooooooo blessed.

Then one day !! ta-da !! there my epiphany sat !! waiting for me to simply open my eyeballs. Everything became so doggone easy when I finally, effortlessly, shhhh, SHHHH …. noticed

& hey there, Blessed. Thank you for your patience.

This being Thanksgiving week with it’s gatherings of food, fun, frolic and reunited hugs of joy, where we take that brief, wonderful moment of ♥ THIS IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT ♥ I truly hope realization pops it’s cute self in and quietly, subtly open our hearts and minds, to every day, EVERY DAY


We are so, sooooooo blessed.


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