What’s Right

What’s Right

Kept the tv off yesterday, listened to music instead. Took a quick peek at Twitter  and decided nope. NOPE. And how the BREAKING NEWS relay-ers of the world tolerate the repetitiveness of the negativity is absolutely beyond me. With fluffy hair, fancy clothes and perfect smiles, they tell me of the wrong, the bad, the ugly and downright disgusting. Over and over and over and over … And sure, every so often, they’ll throw in funny or cute or adorable just to lighten things up, but two seconds later, right back into the mud and the muck we go. Continuous. Constant. Never ever ending …

& I realize diving Under My Sidewalk, pretending all is swell is not the answer. And I understand keeping my opinion to myself won’t solve a thing. And I accept this journey called Life comes with it’s share of heartache and awfulness, but …

But what about the good ???!!?? There are zillions upon trillions of people and places and creatures and cosmos and teeny, tiny absolute wonderfulness of being HERE and NOW !! And I just can’t fathom why we don’t spend our time within the beautiful, the positive, the incredible and amazing …

So yeah. Here I ramble … here I repeat … here I promise to try and try and try and TRY … and away from the noise I have to stay. Because I know !! I KNOW !!  bright is out there, everywhere

& I’d sooooo rather discover what’s right.

Above The Rain


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