Dusty ♥ Love

Dusty ♥ Love

shhhh !

Don’t tell anyone, but when it comes to keepin’ things tidy, household chores ??

ing is my least favorite.


I mean, I’ll do ! I just don’t enjoy until it’s over, when I pat myself on the back and proudly exclaim !! I really should do this more often !!


So. There I stood, in my sparkly, clean as a whistle home recently, ’cause peeps would arrive soon and Lord forbid they see anything but shine  !!

Where toys were immediately brought out for the grands,

where we spilled our happy to be together gleeeeee to the outside,

where the next door kids came to join the festivities cause a friendship began and  grows each and every time these boys reunite, where pretzels were eaten, huggies were chugged, sticks were gathered, discoveries were made, footballs were tossed,

& ahhhh, a fab time was had by all.

After a while, BYE ! to the neighbors we chimed as back inside we trekked, where pizza was ordered, a frosted cookie bar delighted,

sillies and giggles continued …

& it was at this precise moment, I realized how very much I prefer the whirl-y-twirly, back and forth, in and out, up and down, this and that, busy, busy, love-filled wonderfulness of

& I seriously cannot wait to polish this place up for next time.


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