Hey, Bully

Hey, Bully

I’ve been informed by people who know these things that ! today ! is National Stop Bullying Day and I’m thinking, hey, Bully  what’s up with you anyways ?!?? What fuels your dismal ?? and WHY would you place such ugliness on another someone ?? Nothing better to do with the priceless time we share on this planet ?? No other outlet to the obvious unhappiness with your inner self ?? I’d love to get inside your brain to experience, briefly, the disgust you must feel within so I might be able to understand. Because I don’t, I can’t, I never, ever will.

But hey, Bully, fyi, I’ve written a children’s book that puts things in the simplest form where you can see how incredibly pleasant life will be, if you simply TRY to be NICE.

It’s titled Nicey

children's books

and consider it a gift on this brand new today. Step by uncomplicated step, these words will guide you to Caring and Considerate. And since I’m feeling the love, Bully, I’ll toss in another story I’ve penned. This one is called Smile

children's books

& it too, is pure and genuine and details doable, easy ways to be kind.


And, errr, not to toot my own horn, but while we’re at it, go ahead and check out




if you would like a lesson in understanding emotions and helping instead of hurting.

I wish you a delightful 24 my friend, Bully, and I truly hope these words alter your meanie mindset. But if not, consider this a humble reminder.

It’s EASY if you TRY.


Please. Try.