Oh ♥ Coffee

Oh ♥ Coffee

Pulled from the archives on this National Coffee Day.

! Enjoy !

Coffee has been part of my a.m.’s for as long as I can remember.
I am sooooo hooked and I seriously cannot imagine a morning without my deliciously steamy brew.

Nothing fancy.
I don’t need to go anywhere, wait in long lines or pay big prices.
All I need is to tap the on of my favorite appliance, listen for that fabulous ready beep and I am good to go.

Oh, Coffee.

No cream.
No sugar.
No this or that.
My cup of joe is perfectly fine in it’s simplest form.

I sometimes wonder what I would to if I had to give up my morning fix.
I suppose I would be capable of dealing with such a crisis.
I suppose I would handle it like an adult.
I suppose I would survive.
I suppose …

I’m lying.

I’d be a broken down, emotional mess without my daily dose.
I’m weak, WEAK I tell ya !!
I never, ever want to go down that terrifying path.

Please don’t give me a list of reasons why coffee may not be good for me because
I won’t listen.
I won’t.

Oh, Coffee.

It’s my loyal vice.
It’s my preferred dependency.
It’s my favored flaw.
My oooooooh my.
I sure do love it so.