This Eve of 20

This Eve of 20

These are the words I share each year on September 11

& I suppose I could run them again, loyal readers might notice, but the majority of people would never know the difference because most everyone has something warm and caring to say on this life altering day, as we should ♥ as we ALL should ♥

But here we are on this eve of 20.

I’ve been watching the documentaries, the anniversary specials and remembrances and I break down with each one. Because of the sorrowful realization this actually happened in my lifetime, because of the heartache left behind, because there were and are so, soooooo many reasons to give up on humankind and hide, just flippin’ hide.

But as I’m disheartened by the HOW CAN WE BE SO HORRIBLE TO ONE ANOTHER, I wonder, how in the world did anyone involved in that tragedy even know where to begin with the thousand upon millions of teeniest, tiniest logistics of it all ?? How did they pick up and even WANT to begin again ?? HOW did they find their way to a minute form of better ?? and the burden the survivors were handed ?? to carry on and live with that monstrosity within and around and always, always there ??

Awed, I am and will forever be.

We followed their lead that day. In that godawful moment in time, good souls, good people stepped up and united us and for a brief while, at least, we experienced what we could be, what we Should. Be.

& that’s the saddest, most encouraging part of all. We were RIGHT THERE. We felt it ! We experienced how it can be done !!

& yet, 20 years … here we remain in this impossible vortex, where lessons were learned and forgotten, hatred was kicked in the ass but slowly, surely brought back to being … where my heart aches, your heart aches, OUR hearts ache for everything this day defines.

I know these words are simple and some might say naive, but as we’re honoring those who left this life through that unfathomable act of hate, maybe, just maybe, we can take our cue from those courageous survivors and helpers and doers and TRY to discover what was incredibly easy, spontaneous and wonderfully obvious on that day too.


please try

I Love You Too








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