You ♥ Do

You ♥ Do

& YaY.

I can enthusiastically and delightfully exclaim, where I am now 

is because of YOU

and YOU


& big, BIG HUGS are what I’m sending your way today.

I sure hope you realize, your love and support and exclamation points ! ! ! truly mean !! everything !!  to me.


This one though … ??


Heart = Mush.

Because I cannot count how many times I wanted to and I tried to, I wondered and cried and came thisclose to quit. But there you were and here you are always helping, always propping, always guiding me back to my words. You unconditionally and continually have my back and grateful, ooooooh, grateful !! I’ll forever be.


Once upon a long time ago, you encouraged, Keep Doing … today, I thank you for helping me do.