I ♥ Hear ♥ You

I ♥ Hear ♥ You

Quite honestly, I never gave it a thought. And as soon as it was my turn, step up, I enthusiastically did. I suppose at some point in time, I gave the what if’s a ponder, but not really.

Do I have regrets ?? Nope, not a one. Would I do it again ? Yep, in a heartbeat. And if you know me, you will nod your head and BIG TIME agree, I am a professional procrastinator and tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll sooooooo do it tomorrow is how I work best.



& wait.

But not this time. This time all I could think about was my family and to be normal again, with them, is what I craved. And I can only vouch for myself, but relief most definitely filled my insides when that shot entered my arm. Relief for me, relief for my people, relief for all the individuals I mask up and socially distance see along the way.  Because it was hugs and drop-bys and lunch dates and music in the park, the close up talking !! the guffawing !! the woo-hoooo-s and whispering of secrets !! the sleepovers, fire pits, wine nights and mornings on the veranda … yep. I selfishly wanted that and soooo much more back in my life !!

& all those lovelies have returned, for the most part, as pretty much everyone I know and love has been vaccinated.

But it’s that doggone lurk of the Delta variant …

and it’s the children. THE. CHILDREN. I think about most.

& I’m not hear to debate or question anyone’s reasons. You have yours just as I have mine. Nope. Today is about those who spread the vaccination word, for uphill they most definitely walk, but determined, they remain. I need each and every one of your genuine souls to know, I appreciate, I applaud & awed, I am especially on those completely overwhelming kind of days where talking to that wall has to be so. incredibly. exhausting. Hey, just so you know ??

I. Hear. You.

And I’m absolutely certain there’s a someone over there and there and there that hears you too. Keep doing, please !! because you are making a difference, FOR SURE.

& I know it’s only me and my tiny happy place in this world, but you’ve made my squishy moments happen again and grateful I’ll forever be.

& yes, ooooh yes !!  You Matter to me.