Invisibly Touched

Invisibly Touched

Ever feel invisible ?? I mean really, truly invisible. It’s a surreal sort of vibe, kinda cool, kinda odd. I wrote about it back in 2019

It’s Andy !

but it’s happened a time or three since. Can’t say I love the feel, but I can’t say I mind. At. All.


Anyways, that wasn’t yesterday. Nope. Yesterday as I took my walk, it was as if I had a flashing neon light upon my head. SMILE !! SAY HI !! ACKNOWLEDGE ME PLEASE !!

& acknowledge, they did. Everyone, and I do mean every human being who happened upon my path, took the teeny, tiny moment out of their day, to greet, to grin, to offer kind words. You best believe it was !! ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS !! and on a happy cloud, I floated. And to top off my glee

uh-huh. weeeeeee.

& that, right there, is my hope for you on this brand new today. Because you’re great ! and I’m great ! and we  really should be sharing and gifting and offering up our spectacular amazing-ness !! Hand it out like candy !! Relish in the delight of being here, being now !!

Can you imagine ??!?? No worries if you can’t because I can !! and I will !! We all need to feel the magnetic loveliness of my yesterday. And I guarantee, a domino effect, it will beeeeeee !!

& hey there, Invisible, you’re not so bad after all !!


consider yourself invisibly touched, my friends.


& feel free to pass that !! awesome !! around.






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