My Favorite Penny

My Favorite Penny

The last time I shared this blog was in June, 2018 but a tattered piece of wonderfulness just greeted me as I was outside, walking in

& I’m thinking someone, somewhere might need these words today.


– – – – – – – – – –

‘Finding a penny means someone in Heaven is thinking about you’

I first heard those words after Mom died and thought ‘How very comforting !’
& each penny I’d find would bring me a brief, wonderful moment of joy.
I’d pick it up, put it in my pocket, whisper ‘I love you too’ and continue, knowing I had to keep moving without her.
Sadly, my happy would disappear as fast as it had appeared
& I’d forget all about that copper coin until another came along.

One day, while walking my trail, I glanced down and yep, there sat yet another penny.
At the time, I remember thinking, ‘YaY ! A penny!’ but for some reason, instead of picking it up, I just kept chugging.
Why I didn’t grab that penny, that day is still a mystery to me.
I “collected” them.
They were reminders of Mom, so why not this penny ?

The path I walk is 2.2 miles around
& on most days I am lost in my music, the beauty of the trees and those glorious clouds.
I look up, I look down, I look around, I am in a trance
& this day was no exception.
I had not paid any little bit of attention to where or when I saw that penny.
I saw.
Did not pick up

I sometimes wonder what the odds were of me seeing that penny twice.
One in ten ?
One in a million ?
Who knows.
But, I did.
I so did.
I glanced down at just the right moment and Hellooooooo.
There sat that tiny, shiny.
The second penny sighting woke me up ! and I happily whispered ‘Hey !! A Penny !!!!’

To this day I am convinced someone in Heaven was making a point that day.
I was meant to see twice & twice I did.
My message was received, loud and clear so, I left that lovely right where I saw her
& finished my walk with a gleeful, content heart.

Years later, I’m still finding pennies, still placing them in my pocket, still talking to Mom.
But, the very best penny EVER will be the one I left behind.
I’m hoping that awesome coin is forever on that path offering it’s simple, powerful, uplifting message to those who just might happen to glance down.


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