Random’s Reminders

Random’s Reminders

Every 20th of every month, I am reminded of the fact

I actually doooooo have four children’s books on Amazon ! and ! ! yippeeeeee ! deposits !! It’s a boost in the arm, a pat on the back to the person named me who’s tries incredibly hard not to be, but oftentimes is, a very persnickety skeptic to her own words and talent.

Talent. Did I actually just say TALENT !!?!! !! weeeeee !! But …

Uh-huh. The questions, they lurk.


So anyways, YES, besides this blog and multiple poems, these guys hunker in Amazon Land

quietly waiting for their moment to be noticed by a somebody who just so happens to be looking. And isn’t that FANTASTIC ??!!?? I absolutely adore the !! randomness !! of it all.


So yesterday, as I stumbled upon sentences I penned a long while ago, such as …

We can change a mood with a smile.


We can alter a life with compassion.


We can lighten a load with kindness.


We can brighten a day with understanding.


I thought !! hey !! there’s my stories in a perfect little nutshell !!

& huh. Imagine that. I guess I really am a writer after all.

Thanks for the reminder, Random.


Oh Yes I Can


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