Addictively Obsessed

Addictively Obsessed

I know. I know. You’ve read this one before, but National Day Calendar just this very minute told me …


& !! weeeeeeeee !! Have yourself a fantastic 24 ! Enjoy the rerun !

! 🙂 !

Anyone know the difference between an addiction and an obsession ?

Hold on.
I’ll Google.

addiction – the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.
obsession – the state of being obsessed with someone or something.

um. ok.
It’s official.
I’m both addicted and obsessed.

To WHAT ?? you ask.
To emojis, I reply
& if you happened to not be familiar with the word, here you go

emoji – a small digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc, in electronic communication

btw …
I. LOVE. GOOGLE. because Google also informs …

& if I could, I’d walk myself right on over to Japan and give that creative soul a GREAT BIG HUG.

He is brilliant
& I seriously cannot live without his lovely little representations.
They have taken over my email, my texting, my sentences, my paragraphs, my life.
I’m pretty sure I won’t survive without.

My favorite emojis are the smiley faces.
They are all just so darn cute that I often find it hard to decide which one to use …
but I love the exclamation points too.
Red and bold, they really get my point across.
I also adore the hearts and the fist bump and the thumbs up and the and the and the …

See ?
I love them sooooooo.

I wonder if there’s an emoji factory out there.
Would that be the greatest job in the whole wide world or what ???!?
Sitting there all content and pleased, designing the next little icon guy for your peeps to enjoy.
What FUN !!
Those are definitely THE happiest workers on the planet, I am sure !

Oh, Emoji.
I don’t know how I ever lived life without you by my side, but I will tell you now, I ain’t ever going back.
You brighten up my daily correspondences with your lively little selves
& YOU, according to me, are the best thing ever.

oh and Google ?
No worries.
I’m kinda sorta addictively obsessed with you too.