To All The Guys …

To All The Guys …

There’s a tune stuck in my brain  …

To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before

for days now, over and over and over again until seriously ?!!? wouldja please !! STOP ALREADY ??!?


But with Father’s Day and all it’s feelz approaching, I’m thinking there’s a point to the repeat, so pardon me, Julio and Willie, as I switch things up.

Besides the obvious kudos to Dad and Husband, there have been many others. And in no particular order, it’s to !! YOU !! Sons, Brothers, Father (without that silly in-law attachment) Uncles, Cousins, Grandsons, Nephews, Grandpas and Friends, I speak.

Each of you have been placed into my life for a reason. And I consider myself incredibly blessed to have known such beautiful souls. You and your genuineness have guided me throughout and I thank you for your part in making me the person I am today.

I cherish you and your unsung hero ways more than words can say. You’ve been right here for me, always. You’ve listened, you’ve no questions asked helped, you’ve opened my eyeballs to new experiences, you’ve quieted the noise, you’ve shared your perspectives, you’ve added your laughter, you’ve lifted, you’ve understood  … and I BIG HUG each and every one of you for being  so reliable, so constant, so wonderfully continuous.


to all the guys I’ve loved before … ??

This song’s most definitely for YOU.


With You For You And You

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