♥ This Moment ♥

♥ This Moment ♥

Happy Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse Day ! !

& if this moment in time ain’t enough to stop !! right smack dab in our tracks !! and thank our lucky stars for such awesomeness ??

well, by golly, open that heart and those eyeballs a little bit wider please.

Hey, are you ready ??
I’m so excited I can hardly contain my glee ! !

Before I carry on with this beauty of a day, I just have to say ENJOY

Enjoy this experience and every single feeling that oozes up inside of you as amazing happens.
My guess is we will feel a little bit teeny, a tad tiny, a smidge itsy bitsy and mighty minuscule by the magnitude of it all ! as we should.

As. We. Should.

It’s the UNIVERSE !! my friends !!
It’s time we start paying attention to it’s infinite lessons and stop the never ending bickering and fussing and feuding and fighting andandandandand
and shhhh.

shhhh, People
for heaven’s sake, just be nice.

Just. Be. Nice.


See how easy that is ??

Now go on, share your smile with the world
& have yourself an astronomically spectacular today !!

!! weeeeeee !!