Me and You and You and Me

Me and You and You and Me

Every now and again, instead of writing fresh, I spend these early morning hours strolling down Memory Lane, reading words from my past blogs. And not to pat myself too heartily on the back, but D A N G, the difference between way back where I began and NOW ??

WoW. ZA.

Practice makes perfect, they say. And THEY are absolutely right.


THEY and I have definitely had our issues. What will THEY think ? DO THEY care ? Do THEY realize how important THEY are to me ? Help me, THEY, say something ! DO SOME. THING.


Fortunately along this zig-zaggity path, there was you.


& just look at how far we’ve come, YOU !!

You’ve carried me, encouraged me, propped me up, calmed me down and coaxed me from that ! I’m SOOOOO DONE ! cliff time after time after many, many times. Sentences and paragraphs and tooooooo many exclamation points ! ! ! cannot begin to describe how very much I appreciate.

( ! )

I’m here because of YOU. I DO because of YOU.

Your genuine, steadfast belief in these daily rambling thoughts, in my poems and children’s stories changed my mindset. I no longer give THEY a bit of my time or energy. It’s YOU I stay focused upon.

Thanks for your steady patience and trust. Most of all thanks for the confidence you’ve placed inside my heart to keep on keepin’ on.

I realize I have a ways to go as a writer, but knowing you’re !! right here !! with me ??


Thank you, YOU.

Oh Yes I Can