You’ve heard my praise of his FABULOUS mantra before …

Dear Saint Anthony

but this time ?? ooooh, THIS TIME !! my finder of everything friend truly outdid himself because I lost this



& one would think I’d be a bit on the super duper careful side, this being a birthday gift from sister and all ♥ but nope. Sometimes it takes a kick in the pants to receive a valuable message. And I know it’s a ring, but I wear it on my necklace with all my other treasured trinkets

and for those who are counting ??



So there I was at the end of a very busy day, taking a random tally to make sure all my special memories were settled in for the night … when ! oh nooooooooooooooo


Now comes the part where I retrace my steps … and L O N G story short, I cried. I CRIED.  THERE’S NO POSSIBLE WAY I WILL FIND MY PRICELESS NECKLACE RING for I’ve been way tooooooo many places and it could, quite literally, be ANY. WHERE !!!


A quick call to my buddy settled my nerves. Um, err, Saint Anthony ??? Yeah. It’s me. Again. But this time, I have a doozie of a doozie. !!! HELP !!!!

Upstairs bathroom, tucked deep into the cabinet under the sink, there it patiently sat until I found. How in the world that jewel ended up THERE, I will never, EVER know.


A month or so later, ’twas deja-vu all over again. Same. Exact. Scenario. where I’m counting, I’m counting and no no noooooooooooooo

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The second time around was an absolute mystery. That tiny ring could be here ??  maybe there ??  or or or ?? Truth be told, I resigned myself to the fact that I had my chance to wear the ring AS A RING and I lost it forever.


but I placed a please oh please oh, pleasy please anyway, with an added I goofed Saint Anthony. sniffle. sniffle. This time, I really, REALLY goofed.

Days, dare I say, weeeeeeeeeeks passed ….

Under the driver’s seat of the vehicle I’ve dubbed Rona, it waited. And the joy I feel for the man and his I’ve Got THIS song is beyond words.

Thanks, Saint Anthony. I knew you could. I knew you eventually would. And yep, lesson learned. Left hand, pinkie finger is where my gem of a gem will stay.


Simple Things