♥ Love This !!

♥ Love This !!

So I’m standing on my porch yesterday evening, just staring at the sky.
Why ?
Because I can’t stop.
It’s amazing is what it is and I’m obsessed is what I am,
completely, totally, wholeheartedly obsessed.

Look up.

Look around.

Ain’t it allllll so incredibly wonderful ??
& don’t tell me it’s cloudy
or raining
or you’re much too busy.
Step yourself outside right this very minute and look at that infinite sky.

! LOOK !

It is absolutely awesome
& THIS is indescribably invigorating.

This Planet.
This Life.
This Today.

This. Gift.

Another good morning has broken, my friends.
Enjoy it.
Live it.

feel free to become completely, totally, wholeheartedly obsessed.


‘Cause Jesus Told Me So


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