Mean Mama

Mean Mama

Repeating one of my favorite repeats with !! BIG HUGS !! and Happy Mother’s Day wishes to all the mamas out there.


♥ ♥ ♥

Mean Mama’s what they call me ! or so I’d back in the day exclaim as whichever offspring I happened to offend huffily stomped off with their YOU’RE MEAN !! mantra

& I suppose I was, I’m pretty sure I needed to be, seeing I was the official adult in the room and all

& I don’t mean MEAN MEAN I mean no, you can’t have the whole bag of chocolates or no, you can’t stay up extreme hours or yes, you have to do homework before you go out with your friends or that always absurd brush your teeth request.

!! nooooooooo !!

I have to admit, although it was beyond tiresome as I was living it, I do sometimes miss the drama.





But hey, those children of mine survived just fine. They became responsible adults. They’ve lived, they’ve learned and being handed a hearty NOPE !! every now and again didn’t destroy any of us in the process.


Funny how I can look back and giggle. Funny how now that I have “Gramma” added to my resume my mindset seems a bit more laid back. Funny how saying YES is a tad easier  …

ahhhhh, Motherhood.

Busy, exasperating, always moving or doing or coming or going or back or forth or here or there or why or when or what or who or ???!!?? MOTHERHOOD.

Try to enjoy it as best you can, my friends, because it truly does fly by fast. One day you’re calculating how many hours of sleep you’ll get if you’re extremely lucky that night and the next, you’re watching Blippi with the grand kids and loving every minute

& I promise you Mamas, within every, single frustrating moment, when someone in your house is ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN you are the cruelest human being on the planet !!!! rest assured, you’re not. You are a loving ♥ Mom ♥ doing your very best.

So pat yourselves on the back and anticipate the day, which will most certainly arrive, when that stubborn someone you brought into this world will realize the awesome power of your wonderfully loving  NO.

!!!!!!!! YOU’RE MEAN !!!!!!!!

uh huh

& you best believe how very much I love you too.