Thanks ♥ Kids

Thanks ♥ Kids

I’ve been catching up on hugs these days as, one by wonderful one, more and more people I know reach FULLY status. And since I attained mine on April 15, 2021, there’s seriously been no containing the gleeeeeeeee and it’s  beautiful reminder of simple things, ooooooh those simple. things.


&, errr,  no offense, my peeps, but the grand-boy’s squeezies are truly hard to beat.

♥ Uh-huh ♥

cause to be back to where he and he and I were before Covid-19 so rudely interrupted = ! ! ! ! ! (& I dooooooo mean ! ! ! ! !)

And it’s the children I’m thinking of this morning. They had no choice. Schooled from home. Masks worn. Cancelled play-dates and games and vacations and everything deemed normalBut there they were, there they be … following these new, strange rules, trusting those who know better, steadfastly waiting and believing in SOON‘s arrival as if Santa himself told them so

& Hello, Bright Light. You’re HERE !! You’re HERE !!

As I thank my lucky stars, for science, for helpers, for lessons learned throughout this incredibly L O N G year, it’s those little souls and their amazing perspective I’ll appreciate most. THANK. YOU. for keeping it real, Kids, for always getting it right, for your patience and amazing persistence.

We should all be your version of wise.

Enjoy those HUGS.