♥ enjoy ♥

♥ enjoy ♥

We’re the only ones here !! we giddy-ed !! as we jumped out of her car, bundled up in our winter coats, hoods and gloves

and made our way to this place we love. And yep. It was brrrrrr brisk, but that sunrise was preparing it’s grand entrance and we soooooo needed these feelz.

And although the weather folks said cloudy, she did not disappoint

but then again, she rarely does.

! ♥ ! !

For over a year now, Universe, you’ve asked us to carry quite a load, but as with everything in life, there is always, ALWAYS a light. If we seek, we will find.

And here we are, thisclose to what seems like normal.

As we s l o w l y break loose of our Covid-19 barriers, I highly recommend stepping away from the noise of social media and tv too. Turn off the clutter and the dismal and take the time to walk a trail or sit by that lake or listen to those birds or visit by the campfire or drive up a mountain or sit on your porch and reconnect with those you’ve missed most. Find that inner peace again and live it to the extreme.
It’s there. It awaits. It’s doable. It’s sharable

and shhhh.

♥ enjoy ♥


Above The Rain



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