Hey, Sibs

Hey, Sibs

Way back, when we lived together in this wonderful house

I would sometimes ponder what it would be like if I were an only child, like Cindy, two doors down. Cindy had it MADE !! my childhood me would exclaim !! She didn’t have to share, she had no pesky squabbles to deal with, no back and forth adjustments or compromises, there were no hand me downs in Cindy’s world, nope … just two loving parents and a mountain of toys

& ahhhh. WHAT. A. LIFE.

I’d be yanked out of my daydream and placed back into reality pretty quickly though, with a tug or a laugh or a reminder of some sort that here with YOU and YOU and YOU and YOU and YOU was exactly where I belonged

& seeings today is National Siblings Day,

I need to share some appreciates !

To Big Bro for his music loving, strong man, I can move anything !! helpfulness and BIG OL’, mushy-mushy, teddy bear heart. To Big Sis with her solid as a rock practicality and cut to the chase view of people and things AND who’s understanding ways GET ME like no other. To Younger Bro and his comedic talent and persistent pokes which have giggled me off the edge more times than I dare count. To Younger Sis and her exclamation point personality and love of flowers, who’s showed me time and time again the power of  !! LET’S DANCE !! And to Youngest Sis with her quiet nudges of encouragement and simple, thinking of you just because-s, which sparked and continues to fan the flame of my writing …

It’s because of you, my siblings, I sit at this laptop today.  You’ve gifted me your awesome brand of uniqueness to keep on keeping on, to do, to be !! and I am truly blessed to call you mine.

Yep. It’s been one interesting ride with you fine souls and there have been plenty of times when we haven’t agreed,
when we’ve driven each other absolutely coo coo and when we sooooo wished to hand over that slap upside the head or a heart-filled kick in the arse, but I honest to goodness wouldn’t change anything.

So, Happy Sibs Day, Sibs !

I can’t imagine this journey without you.

And I thank

oooooh, I thank.






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