Happy Anniversary ! ♥ !

Happy Anniversary ! ♥ !


My name is Jacki. I write children stories and misc poems and I would like to share them with you.

I am a mother of three grown children and a first time grandma.
My background is in daycare, preschools, and babysitting. Let’s just say I’ve been around children pretty much my whole life!
I enjoy everything about them.
In my opinion, all the answers you will ever need are within a child.

That’s where my stories come from.. their little points of views.

My poems?
They’re words that float around in my head.
Don’t know where they come from… I just grab a pen/paper and start writing.

Please feel free to provide feedback. I would love to hear what you have to say.

Have A Happy Day!


They say you have to start somewhere
& that’s exactly how I began.

Two thousand, five hundred and fifty-seven days ago, I wrote those very first words for The Words Floating Around In My Head
& yep,  here we are.

my oh my oh my, have things changed.

I look back at some, no ALL, of those early blogs and think, yikes.
Talk about shorties.
I would literally write a paragraph and call it finished.
It was obvious, I had no clue.

A blog ?
What’s a blog ?
& I’m supposed to write something Every Day ?
Every. Single. Day ?


It took me awhile but, I do believe I’ve gotten the hang of this creature called Blog.

I’ve changed in these seven years too.
BIG time.
I’m stronger.
I have finally, FINALLY become a confident carrier of my words.

Way back, when I first began writing, I was a master of create and hide.
I’d just automatically, don’t even think about it, tuck those fresh, right out of my brain, poems and stories in the dresser drawer.
Nobody knew they existed.

& zzzzzzz, turtle pace s l o w l y
the day I N C H E D along when I ever so cautiously shared that notebook with a few someones.

Look at this.
Tell me what you think.
but, fyi
I’ll be covered up in that corner over there.

Little by little, I placed my writings into the world.
I’d hand them over to the Land of the Internet and literally run for cover, forever concerned about what people thought.
Hoping and praying they would LIKE.

One day I woke up and discovered, I like.
& you know what ?
That’s all that really matters.

There were days in these 7 when I didn’t know what the heck I was going to write
& days when I couldn’t get the words out of my head fast enough.
I’ve gone from family only to quite a few extremely loyal, Loyals.
From a humbling 0 views, to many.
From I hope to be published one day to a DIY, self-published author of Smile, TearDrop, Nicey and shy
From I’m ok with invisible to HERE I AM
From why do I do this !?! to THIS is why !!

THIS is why.

A lot has happened
& I know I’ve said this once, twice, a million, zillion times but !! you betcha !! I am singing it again.
I absolutely would not be here, right now, without YOU.

You know who you are.
You know what you do.
You are steadfast and consistent
& I so appreciate YOU.

Hi there.
My name is Jacki
& did I just say it is MY anniversary ??


Today is OUR Day

Happy Anniversary US

We done good.
& hey !
How’s about we keep doing ?


Oh Yes I Can


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