! ! SPRING ! !

! ! SPRING ! !

I never realize just how much I adore Spring until she comes back to me
This morning, she’s returned !
She’s Here !
She’s arrived !


& you know I love you, Winter
& I know you know you get a bum rap
but, it’s time baby !
Your lesson of patience has been received
& now, it’s Spring’s turn.

Spring, with her buds and flowers and reborn and brand new.

Spring with her green grass, blue sky and warm breezes.
Spring with her come on out all you critters !! we made it !!
with Easter and gardens and longer days and lilacs

and rain !

Wash away rain.
Wash away !!

Make everything around us feel fresh and fluffy and beautiful
& remind us, again, that the darkest of times, the longest of seasons, the most terrible storms eventually end
& there will always, ALWAYS be light after our tears,
after our thunder,
after our Winter subsides.

It’s Spring !!

! ! Spring ! !

Welcome back, my lighthearted friend. Adore you, I doooooo.


Oh Yes I Can

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