♥ I Do ♥

♥ I Do ♥

Happy Valentine’s to those who adore this day. I truly hope your every romantic dream comes true.

♥ I do ♥

but if you’ve hung around this blog long enough, you know, I’m not a fan.

!! gasp !!

So instead of boring your brain with the same ol’ same ol’ reruns …

Hey ♥ Valentine

p.s. Valentine

I’ll let you in on a something I !! just this minute !! discovered. Today is also

and if any of my words deserve repeating …

…. ♥ ….

I’ve donated blood.
I’ve donated plasma.
But could I, would I donate a kidney if asked ?
Or bone marrow or some other kind of something like that ?
I wonder.

My first response would probably be ! NO !
I’m somewhat of a chicken when it comes to doctors and such.
Don’t know why, I just am.
But, if someone I love needed me to donate whatever, whenever ?
I’d do it in a second.
No questions asked.


But, how’s about a friend of a friend ?
A long ago acquaintance ?
A stranger ?
Where would I draw the line ?
Why would I draw the line ?


Hats off and many rounds of applause to those who have already been there, done that, gone the donor route.
What an incredibly unselfish act !
You helped another human being in ways I can’t even dream
& to know the why’s and what if’s and everything that went on in your brain to get to the point of ‘YES’, Yes! I will donate.
I’m in awe of your bravery too.

They say organ donation is the greatest gift a person can give
& I agree.
They also say to inform family and loved ones of your wish to donate should the day happen where you are unable to speak for your own self.
My family knows.
But today, I’d like to shout it loud and clear for all to hear
& this is going to sound all kinds of weird, but if I have a choice in how I’m going to exit this life I soooooo hope I get the opportunity to donate my organs.
Every single, useful one of them.
I’d want to leave my mark making others that happy.

Many, many years ago I found this poem and I tucked it away.
It speaks the feelings I felt way back then, it speaks my feelings now.

by Robert G. Wombacher

It wasn’t easy, I’ll admit,
To pledge my body, bit by bit.
This one, inhabited by “owner,”
Will one day be an organ donor.
These eyes, through which I’ve viewed the world,
And watched God’s handiwork unfurled.
Will once more help make love’s decision,
Or watch cartoons on television.
The kidneys that perform for me
Some function that I do not see,
May help a child regain his freedom,
When come the time that I don’t need ’em.
This happy heart with which I’m blessed
May pulse in some young lover’s breast,
To yearn for one with words unspoken,
And for the hundredth time be broken.
And when they place what’s left of me
Beside some tall, protective tree,
My soul may rise from ‘neath the clover
To smile and say, “That’s me, all over.”


Organ Donation.
Giving the very best gift of them all.

Just think about it.

…. ♥ ….

As always, I wish you an extremely Happy Today, my friends !!

& errr,

sure hope I didn’t spoil the mood, Valentine.