Today’s Horoscope

Today’s Horoscope

As I was sifting through today’s news and all it’s insistent negativity, I stumbled across which offered it’s viewers a daily forecast
& you best believe I screeeeeeeched stopped, right smack dab in my tracks to read because
! yippeeeeeeee !
I love horoscopes !

– – – – – – – – – –

You may be a bit confused today, Taurus. More than likely, it will be hard for you to get an accurate read on your emotions. One of your automatic responses in situations like this is to turn to a close partner for advice. Unfortunately, this advice may throw you into even more of a tailspin. What you need more than anything is to spend quality time alone.

– – – – – – – – – –

Looks like we’ll be tucked away, writing all day, Taurus.

! YaY !

But, after this brief moment of gleeeeeee, I was THUD, brought back to reality by the bombardment of dismal  stubbornly hunkered around us.


Instead of allowing myself to be pulled into that quicksand of ugly, I thought, you know what, World ??
I want to be a horoscope.
A bright, sunny, it’s going to be ok, horoscope !
Because in alllllll my years of occasionally glancing at those snippets of prediction, I have yet to find a grump.
Think about it.
Horoscopes always offer the lighter side.

& so,
I renew my promise.

I will seek. I will find.
I will sing.
I will shout.
I will share and be equally persistent in my prognosis.
Positivity will live in this space.
Forever. For always.

What’s today’s horoscope, you patiently wonder ?


! ! Enjoy ! !



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