Creak Crack Crunch

Creak Crack Crunch

Word on the street is

uh-huh. It’s pretty darn cold out there. But I’m way ok with that ’cause errrr, it’s Winter and this is precisely what Winter do

& besides, we’re already

with only 


to go until Spring.

So YaY

And we’ve done this soooooo many times before coldcoldcoldcoldcold becarefulbecarefulbecareful brrrbrrrbrrrbrrrbrrrbrrrbrrr

yep, when the snow creaks, cracks and crunches

and the air has an unmistakable bite,

and there’s not all that many human beings out and about …

we know … oh yes, we know …

& there !! right THERE !! sits my point.

We can. We will. It’s what we do and how we do and why I adore the cold and the snow and the every single everything Winter and all it’s beauty and fury throw at us each year. Hardy is who we are and hardy is where and why we stay. We are stronger, wiser and kinder with every passing snow-burst and we’ve soooooooo got this latest arctic blast !!

GORGEOUS you are !! my friend, Winter

& appreciate you, I do.




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