Once Upon A Time …

Once Upon A Time …

As I was moseying about my biz a few Saturdays ago, the background humming on my tv caught my attention and ahhhhh … just like that … cozily back in time I tumbled

to when Mom would play this album over and over again. The woman adored a good Western and beautifully haunting are the only words I can find to describe how these particular musical notes touch my soul.

♥ Mom ♥

She was supposed to marry someone else, you know. And the bits and pieces of a long ago memory, having picked out her wedding dress, plans abruptly halted, make me wonder WHY ??? oh whyyyyyyyy ?? did I not ask more questions of her, or Auntie, or Gramma, why did I not inquire about the hushed details of her life back then ?!!?? ’cause news like THIS is HUGE to my everything happens for a reason, destiny, stars aligned mindset !! And how I wish my older and wiser would have pondered these thoughts a bit sooner. To ask her about standing at that crossroad … !! … was she scared and unsure or positive and confident … ?? to inquire as to what ??!? propelled her to detour left instead of right and what exactly did that voice inside her head say to give her the courage to shift … was speaking those life altering words easy ? awkward ? determined ? shaky ? Did she run and hide or strut out knowing she made the right move … ??? …

Because had she not followed through, her and my father would never have met and I would not be writing these words today.

& wow, Life.


The road each and every, single one of us walk to be placed precisely in our  HERE and NOW absolutely and always fascinates my brain and I sure wish I understood why I happened one way instead of the other, why I met her, but not him, why …


Beautifully haunting are the only words I can find to describe …

and trust, I will.

Trust, I do.

Thanks, Mom.


With You For You And You









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