I ♥ You

I ♥ You

I love how they know me so well,

how their thoughtfulness inspires

and how they, in their own unique way,

gently motivate me to continue.

Without them, I would have, should have, could have stopped so, soooooo many times and it’s because of them, I wake up before dawn each day and do

& today, I’m handing out BIG HUGS and a boatload of appreciation to them, but more specifically, to YOU.

Because your loyalty is amazing. Your encouragement is everything.
Your hopefulness is incredibly humbling
and please believe me when I say, I am who I am because of YOU.

It’s TRUE.

This world, with all it’s frets, fuss and worries, could use a gigantic dose YOU. Because you breathe positivity, you quiet the noise, you believe in possible and I can only hope my words and actions echo the fantastic beauty of YOU.

I ♥ you, YOU.


With You For You And You







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