The Sand

The Sand

I stumbled across this amazing tidbit on Twitter the other day

& dare I say, my brain will never, ever be the same.


& thank you, Dr Gary Greenberg of


which segues me ever so effortlessly to another incredible human being and a blog I wrote a few years back.


“We know there are trillions of stars, more than the number of grains of sand on planet Earth. Those stars make up less than 5 percent of the matter in the universe. The rest is dark matter and dark energy. The universe is so complex. Is it all an accident? I don’t know.”

Scott Kelly, from his book Endurance A Year In Space, A Lifetime of Discovery

& WoW


Talk about mind-boggling.

! ! More ! ! than the number of grains of sand on planet Earth.


We’ve all been to a beach, right ? ONE beach with all it’s sandcastles and sand dunes and sand stuck in the toes and sand volleyball and sand, sand, SAND !!


um. Will someone remind me of just why in the world we spend so much of our time frettin’ and fussin  ?!??!? We really ought to knock ourselves right upside the head, ya know, cause here we are as minuscule as that teeny, tiny grain of sand, given this perfect gift called LIFE within this gargantuan universe and ummm, what are we doing with this today ??

Let’s try Love

& Appreciation

& Humbleness

& Mindfulness

& Amazement

& Kindness

Add a decent amount of Realization



We are here and now, my friends.



Maybe we can try. Maybe we can see. Maybe we can change our thoughts and ourselves and maybe, just maybe, we will treasure. Treasure the Happy !! Treasure the Wonderful !! Treasure the stars and the universe and each other !!

Treasure the sand.