Dear Catherine

Dear Catherine

and John

and Josephine

and Anthony

and Margaret

and Daniel

and Olive

and John

I’ve heard your names and the bits and pieces of your life stories, for you have been passed on through the years by Mom, Dad, Aunts, Cousins, Uncles …

& as I listen to your tales, as I ask questions and genuinely wonder about you and your presence on this planet, I solemnly swear and promise !! THIS TIME I will, I want, I need, I MUST learn more.

But, life.

Oh, life

& so, I move along, not really thinking about you or the how’s, why’s, what’s and reasons behind your decisions and choices. Because that was sooooo long ago. Times were different. Things have changed. But, as I sit in my quiet house and my peaceful neighborhood on this 1st Tuesday of November, I am gently and humbly reminded, had it not been for each of you ?


Today, I whisper thank you, Great-Grandparents, for your intuition, your determination, your courage and love. Thank you for leaving your hometowns, for crossing oceans, for stepping into those complete unknowns while searching for better. I’m sure you were scared and often unsure and I can only imagine the intensity of what you experienced. Thank you for your struggles and hardships, for doing what you did every single day, for trying your best and for leaving your mark on the lives who have followed.

I appreciate your unselfishness, Great-Grandparents and I treasure you. Had you not handled yourself and your circumstances the way you did, I would not, could not be who I am today and I sincerely hope you are pleased with the way I continue your footsteps. YOU are my caravan, my heritage, my hope Catherine and John and Josephine and Anthony and Daniel and Margaret and Olive and John

& I carry your torch with pride.