! Unlimited !

! Unlimited !

It’s a bookmark, a Mother’s Day gift
& I’m assuming I gave her an awesome read to accompany this page holder but I don’t recall and at this point, I’ll never remember.

It’s dated May 12, 1990
& my name is diligently etched upon there too.
Mom had that habit.
Documenting the when and from on her many received, tokens of love.

I found this treasure as I was rummaging through a few this and that’s yesterday
& it truly melted my heart.

Today is a gift. It is mine to do with as I choose. The next 24 hours hold unlimited possibilities …


It’s nice to know I chimed then, what I chime now.



I sure had a whole lotta 24 hours ahead of me back in those days !

Days filled with happy and crazy and busy,
with sad and confused and confident.
Sick and healthy.
Energetic and tired.
uh huh
Determined and not so.
you bet

Days of love and mad and quiet and noisy,
beauty and ugliness,
loyalty and selfishness.

Totally committed.
Second thoughts.
Extremely Proud.
Embarrassed, ashamed,
bursts of glee,
broken heartache …

Many, many days with continuous stuff continually happening.

ahhhh, Life.

!! LIFE !!

You have been incredible and horrible and every little, bitty in between
& what a ride it is, what a joy it’s been.

Because it’s a gift.
It is mine to do with as I choose
The next 24 hours hold unlimited possibilities

& ain’t that just flippin’ amazing ??!??

Hello !! Today !!



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