♥ Broken Glass ♥

♥ Broken Glass ♥

There were maybe ten, total, walking the lake shore last Saturday morning ( ! ! Next Time ! !) each of us with another somebody, each feeling the same energetic gleeeeeee of that brisk, early October air

& talk about ideal … ♥ …


But our quiet reverie was interrupted as they walked up behind. We turned around to acknowledge their chatter, when she enthusiastically wondered if we SAW !!!??!! You walked right through some !! Did you SEEEEE THEM ??!!??

& errrr, uh, just WHAT Sister and I did NOT see was !! BROKEN GLASS !! We’re looking for BROKEN GLASS !! she excitedly exclaimed as she held up a piece of look what the tide washed in !! broken glass.

& nope.

I don’t know about Sis, but I can honest to goodness say, I saw none, not a one, teeny, tiny iota of broken anything !! What I did notice, though, was a wonderfully gorgeous assortment of

rocks and rocks and lovely rocks !! I especially adored the rusty, Autumn colored ones,

that’s where my mind was focused and that’s all I could see.

Turns out, this lady in the Notre Dame hat was a craft-er, she uses pieces of glass for mosaics and other delightful artistry and YaY !! Sister and I replied !! We hope you find many !! And off we went, off she and her friend trotted, eagerly zoning in on our own unique bits of joy.

Fifteen minutes or so later, there this happy soul reappeared, showing off her treasure trove of broken glass. And as we stood there and discussed the beauty of her find, I happened to glance down and by golly !! there sat the prettiest smidge of broken glass I have ever, ever seen ! shining and sparkling as if waiting for me and only meeeeee to discover. I reached down, handed this glowing shard to my brand new friend and one would think I offered her a pot of gold as extremely grateful she most certainly became & ! YaY ! I found and shared a piece of broken glass !! as again, Notre Dame Hat went off to find her pal and I reunited with my wandering sibling

& just when I thought I saw the last of this bubbly soul ?? She frolicked her way back and gifted me

A ♥ rock.

! ! ! ! !

& how perfect is that !??!!

! ! ! ! !

I thanked and thanked Notre Dame Hat /Broken Glass Lady and she thanked and thanked me and I thought !!WoW !! ain’t life beautiful when we open our eyeballs, unclog our brains and actually SEE what others SEE ??!??

Lesson. Learned. Universe.

Your lesson is sooooooo learned.