Again and Again (& again)

Again and Again (& again)

Some days, especially days when the doubter bug is flying around my brain, I wonder,
have I already said this ?
I am SURE I have written and relayed these exact same thoughts somewhere down this road before
& I suppose I have.
Many times, actually
and if you just so happen to be a loyal reader of this blog, you know them well …


I guess I do tend to recycle certain this and that’s but, honestly, I can’t help myself.
If I’m feeling it, I’m following it
& YOU, my peeps, are the lucky recipients of my random rehash.


But, you know what ?
I LOVE saying the things I say and writing the words I write !!

I DO believe in possible, it happens every day


I adore positive ! and I will continue to live in and search for the light and bright !!
Why in the world would I choose any other way ?!?


Everything DOES happen for a reason.
It’s true.
The good, the bad, the ugly and the wonderful are alllll meant to teach us important life lessons.


Signs ???
You best believe signs are everywhere.
Open up ! You’ll see.


Find your happy, follow your dream, listen to your heart.
Yep. Yep & Yep.
If you can, do
& you CAN, so DO


Hope, Faith and Love
For always.
Seek and you will surely find


Never give up.
For real.
Please don’t stop.
Never. Ever. Ever.


Oh Yes I Can
ooooooooooh ! ! ! YES I CAN !
& I will
& I must.


so, hey.
I guess if these repeated words define me as an ahhh geez ! there she goes again ! haven’t I heard this time and time before ! offender ??

Oh. Well.

I have no plans to stop.




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