To say we could use it, is an understatement.
Rain, that is.
Afternoon into evening, PLEASE keep it coming and constant and hopefully it lingers waaaaay into the night, rain.



My favorite weather peeps might tell you different because they keep track of such things but, it sure seems like FOR EV ER since we’ve had
& I, for one, want and very selfishly crave a many hour weep like THIS.

That slow, rolling thunder.
The camera flash ! FLASH ! of lighting
& the consistent steadiness of Nature’s tears.

I’ve heard it said multiple times and yes, I’ve been warned since childhood to STAY AWAY from windows when storms are brewing but, oh well.
I can’t stop myself.
As if a magnet controls my every move, the pull is just too much and there I be, completely hypnotized with awe and yeah, I probably should turn away but, the sounds and the feel and the scents and the everything about it simply summons me to stay

& sitting here now, with windows wide open, I listen as the pitter-patter continues
accompanied by a bird or two, the drumbeat of a clock, that distant train and ahhhhh.
Absolutely. Mesmerizing.

Oh, Nature.

! Nature !

I feel cleansed and refreshed and wash away invigorated !!
& truly grateful to realized YOU needed the energizing power of a good cry too.