just shhhh

just shhhh

When I tell them I’m not there anymore, they come back with the same, somewhat puzzled response.

Why ???
Followed by the small, always whispered, oh


as if it might be their fault,
as if I’ve betrayed the team.

It’s not you, it’s ME.

yep. me.

Oh, Facebook.
It’s been two months, two solid months since I decided I needed this breakup (Elsewhere)
& yeah,
I sometimes do feel the melancholy as I truly miss my extremely loyal Genuine-s
& yes, it still does feel kinda weird, weird because you had become such an automatic, integral part of my days
& although I told myself I wasn’t checking in all THAT much,
I was.
Yes, I was

& when I made the much too gut wrenching decision to leave for awhile, Facebook, time really was the only reason why.
I just wanted mine back.

Empowering is the best way to describe
& I don’t mean that to sound the way it so self righteously sounds but, there is such a quiet, uplifting force attached to this letting go.

I’ve stepped away.
From the masses, from the hustle, the bustle, the forever buzzy busyness
& for now at least, I am really, REALLY enjoying the silence.

No offense Facebook but I highly recommend !! friends.
If only for a few.
Call it a retreat, a realignment,
a shhh, just shhhh.


You hear that noise ?

Neither do I.


Above The Rain