Dear America

Dear America

Thank You for THIS.

For the freedom, the pride, the opportunity.

Because of YOU, I can do anything.
Any. Thing.
You offer me the chance to know, to grow, to say, to be
& I’m so darn proud of you.
Of US.
Together, we are absolutely amazing.

But lately, America ? Sides. It seems we are forever taking sides
& mad,
we are ALWAYS mad.
About this.
About that
& don’t forget this and that and that and this too !!

Oh, we will take a unified break every once in awhile, like today or Christmas or every time disaster strikes but, most days, America ? it seems our very core is anger
& I really can’t figure out WHY ??
& HOW can we alllll be right and alllll be wrong if WE refuse to find that simple, common ground ?

& those talking heads !!
that endless noise machine insists on reminding me to watch my moves,
be agitated, be afraid.
You see THAT GUY over there ?
Yeah. Don’t you dare trust him cause he’s BAD
& that gal ?
Stay away from HER because she looks different
and and and and and

It makes my head spin
& it hurts my heart.
Because YOU deserve better,
so much better

Oh America.
I’m sorry we’ve hurt you.
But you have my promise, from this day forward, I will do my part.

I will represent and respect.
I will spread your graciousness, your kindness, your understanding.
I will BE what you intended
& I will try.
You have my word. I will TRY.

Thank you for your infinite patience and have a Happy, Happy Birthday, America.
I am so very fortunate to call you my country, my home, my friend.
I love.
I applaud.
I celebrate.