Flag ♥ Day

Flag ♥ Day

So. Yeah. I don’t know what’s up with me, but lately I’ve been draggin’ around a whole bunch of heavy. Heavy heart. Heavy vibe.

And sad.

I’m just sad.

Those who frequent these daily words know I’m forever trying to keep things light and bright around here and, errr, pardon me for exclaiming but  … dang people, you sometimes make positivity incredibly difficult. Seems we are always, ALWAYS fussin’ or fighting about one thing or another as if we find it unfathomable to simply coexist, to be kind, to share pleasant

& today, my calendar says is Flag Day.

Husband and I purchased a brand new flag a few weeks ago ’cause the older one was embarrassingly tattered. We make sure it’s up and flowing in the wind by this time, every year because well, it’s FLAG DAY. And in a few short weeks ??

♥ 4th of July ♥

But here I sit in my land of blue, concerned about the virus (Covid-19)  that continues to lurk, concerned about these united states of us …


& hey.

The sun is shining.

The sky tells me it’s going to be a beautiful day.

So once again, I shall pick myself up, dust myself off and yep, start all over again with my often redundant and continually repeated words of TRY. And as I head over to the park to walk that wonderful trail, I will smile at strangers, I will offer Hello !! or Good Morning !! and I will continue my quest of kind. Because if I am nice to you and you are nice to me and we are nice to each other … well, you know …

& by this day’s end, I am certain to be sitting on a boatload of happy, knowing I did my best to spread the joy

& yay.


Today is Flag Day.