Dear Writer

Dear Writer

My brain and I have been experiencing a zig-zag of emotions these last few days.

Should I ? Shouldn’t I ?

Will I ? Won’t I ?

Do I ? Don’t I ?

It’s a burden I place upon my very own self every now and again which I assume just comes with this territory deemed us.

I often seek your words to help me through these bumpy times because you’ve experienced the voice within, the drumbeat of continue.

And in the quiet of every morning

I sometimes wonder but tap, tap tap on this laptop, I do


cushioned in your hope, I believe

my words too, will touch those hearts.

Realizing, this road I am placed upon is navigated by a higher power and even if I wanted, I can’t. I simply can’t.

So I write, Dear Writer !

with utmost respect and endless appreciation of the fact

You did.

You do.

Oh Yes I Can