Way back in my daycare days, I worked with a woman named Hope.

Now there was a tough cookie to crack.


At a glance, she came across as ‘mean’ as she didn’t offer much.
She was very disciplined and somewhat stern in her ways
& when we first met ?
I was very intimidated.

But, funny thing when children and their honest to goodness, pure feelings are involved.
They ADORED Hope
& she loved each and every one of them too
& soon, she and I became an awesome tag team
& life was always pleasant in that preschool.

Did I say always ?
We’re talking youngsters here
& no offense kids, but some days were just plain hectic.

Hope wouldn’t put up with any nonsense though.
She had certain classroom rules that needed to be followed
& manners were very important to her.
Daily, she would punctuate patience,
thank you,
wait your turn,
& never, ever interrupt, especially when she was teaching a lesson.

My favorite memory of my friend, Hope, is when a child would intrude.
an innocent soul would mutter, not realizing, she was ignoring this pestering voice on purpose.
At this point, a seasoned veteran would know not to bother Mrs Hope, that TEACHER !! would acknowledge and answer as soon as she finished up her biz.
But, there was always that one who hadn’t received the memo and dared strayed into one tooooo many “MrsHope-s”

I can still see the kind but, patience dissolved face of MRSHOPE as she ever so slowly turned away from what she was doing,
looked that pesty child straight in the eyeballs
and in a bold but extremely endearing tone say “GO. AWAY.”

Go. Away.
All the time.
Every time.


& so, they did.
Knowing, as soon as she was able, they would receive her undivided attention too
& sure enough, there Hope would ASAP be, with every ounce of her T.L.C. attending to Impatient.

Oh, how I loved that woman and her old-school ways
& I often wonder how many well-mannered adults she sent out into this world.
My guess is many.

Hope left this life years ago but, is definitely hanging around me these days.
I feel her.
She’s reminding me to stand firm.
If something is not right, don’t be afraid, speak up.
Tell it to GO. AWAY.

& so.
Hate ?
uh. huh.
I am talking to YOU.

I will not tolerated your ugliness anymore.
You are draining my happy and I cannot let this happen
& since my happiness is completely and totally up to ME from now until forever when you insistently come-a-calling, what you will receive is a loud and proud GO. AWAY.
With that awesome little lady and her priceless words by my side, I’ll repeat again and again and again
& if, despite all my warnings, you STILL persist in your persisting, Hate,
I shall offer you my undivided attention
& Love

For always.

let’s not forget, Hope.
Yes, hope.

Stubbornly beautiful
eternally inspiring
endlessly polite,

Thank you, Hope.


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