Simply Do

Simply Do

As I sit in these a.m. hours of Day I’ve Lost Count Quarantine, contemplating life and all of the this and that’s surrounding me, I think, seriously, what am I doing to help ??

Have I made masks or volunteered my services ??

err, nope

Have I sang songs to the masses, read books to the littles or inspired millions with comforting words of wisdom ??

um. no.

Have I risked my life in any way, shape or form to care for the well-being of another ??

crickets …

Have I gone over and beyond anything or at alllllll ???


For 30-plus days now, it quite literally has been a whole lotta Husband and me going about our daily routine, minding our biz and adjusting to this surreal-ness dubbed Corona.

and ….

and WHAT ?? what more can I, SHOULD I be doing ??!??

Welp, for one thing, you’re staying home and safe and helping to flatten the curve !!  reminds that persistent voice in my brain with her always encouraging logic.

ok. yep. that’s true, I whisper back

& how’s about those donations ??

or the step, step, steps ?? and calculation of data ??

& the pass it on genuineness that truly warms a soul ??

or the sharing of music to brighten a day ??

errr, yep, I suppose that’s helpful, I quietly respond.

Or maybe the support of local restaurants ??  or the pure gleeeee enjoyed by the socially distanced recipient ??

and those hopeful words written ?? sincerely placed in cubbies for the children ??

uh, yes, that too, humbled me acknowledges.

Don’t you know ?? Can’t you see ??  the voice inside exclaims !

Imagine if we all took that fraction of a second to be a shiny spark of inspiration ??
or if we alllll cared enough to make just one, little, bitty difference in another someone’s life ??
& imagine if we chose to continue this quest daily,
month by month,
year by year.

If we simply DO what we can, when we can, how and where we CAN we’d surely be looking at a gloriously staggering domino effect of wonderful, now, wouldn’t we ??!?

Well, Hey !! It’s TRUE !!
& Guess what ? I delightfully singsong to my happy, inner self

It CAN be done.
If we all try, just TRY.

I try.
You try.
We try.


WOWweeeee !! Voice Inside My Head !! THANKS for your boost on this brand new today !!

& yes,

I will simply TRY.

I WILL Simply DO.

& we’ll all get through this, together.

You Matter