7 p.m.

7 p.m.

Yes, yes I know Moment of Laughter Day was yesterday, but since each and all of these 24 hours are becoming mixed up and mushed together … let’s never you mind those analytical details. ok ?? ok !!

& YaY.

What a delightful something to celebrate


& I have nooooo idea why this cracks me up every, single, every time but, here you go

7 p.m.

& ha


I honestly cannot calculate how many giggles I have received from that long-ago ad, but it seriously NEVER. GETS. OLD. to these brain cells of mine

& how wonderfully time passes when one laughs.

Which takes me back to a sheet of paper I scribbled upon a very, very long while ago. I called it my Top 5 Funnies. Five specific times when I was caught up in a stop !! I can’t breathe, doubled over, belly laughter of gleeeeeee.

Why write it down ?? hmm. Pretty sure I just wanted to memorialize these treasures for those who brought me such joy, so that they’d one day, upon my departure from this life, get a hearty har-har-har-de-har out of it too. Weird. I know. But looking at this simpleness brings me all kinds of happy

and I’m hoping my memories will help you recall, enjoy and bahahaaaa your way straight back to yours. Because laughter,

!! ooooh, laughter !!

really, truly isΒ THE best.