♥ Quoted Quotes ♥

♥ Quoted Quotes ♥

My wonderfully thoughtful and extremely cute niece has a way of brightening my days.
She quotes my quotes.

Now, that may sound weird and a bit egotistical but, coming from my point of view, it’s pretty cool stuff
& it’s hard to describe but, I will do my best.

As I pen these words each day, I really don’t write for anything or anyone in particular.
Yes, I have been known to throw in an occasional ! I’M TALKING TO YOU ! but mostly, these rambles really are just the words floating around in my head.

Same with my poems and stories.
I have no idea where they come from.
They just pop into my brain, I jot them down and I share them with you fine people
& I genuinely hope my words help a someone, somewhere out there.

Once in awhile but, not very often I reread my words.
Sometimes, I think ICK.
Sometimes, I think AWESOME.
But the more I write, the stronger I feel
& so, I keep chugging.

Then, out of nowhere and just because, I’ll get a text or a phone call or an Instagram from Niece.
She sends me a sentence, a phrase, a paragraph of my words.
She quotes my quotes
& I find that the kindest, most sincere, coolest compliment ever

& so today, I’ve decided to gather up my quoted quotes and place them together forever on this space called Blog.
Why ?
Because I’m hoping that a someone, somewhere out there finds comfort, motivation or whatever they are searching for here.
Right here.

So, sit back
grab that coffee
& get yourself ready ’cause here they come ….











Thanks, Niece.

I wrote.
You quoted.
Here’s to a domino effect of brightened days beginning right here, right now.