If it seems I’m repeating, repeating, REPEATING ?!!?

I. AM.

Especially as we settle in and hunker down.

Enjoy the pause, my friends. Treasure the simple.

I call them Littles & I know I’ve mentioned them a time or three but, I can’t help myself.
& in my book, when all is said and done, it’s the Littles, those teeny, tiny littles that will matter most.

Like a here you go, this reminded me of you something handed over with an I can’t wait for your reaction ! smile
or that chuckle filled greeting card the mail brought when you just so happened to need it most.

How’s about bundling up and sitting on the back porch staring at nothing in particular with the gleeful serenade of birds ? Or a walk in the park with it’s !! almost Spring !! fresh, brisk air.


& then there’s the out of the blue, kind words from friends, words that touch your soul and keep you going

or finding pure joy in whatever makes a heart leap.

A favorite song.
A worn out, extremely cozy sweatshirt.
A child’s giggle.
A cup of coffee, when you didn’t even ask.
That infectious laugh.
An unnecessary but, very much appreciated thank you.

I’m telling you, there are a million, zillion wonderfully unique littles in every single day.
No need to buy anything or go anywhere.
Just look around, notice.

The sunrise is waiting

sunset is too.
Sights, sounds, tastes, touches, scents.
Every single hour of every single day.

Right. There.

& today is Monday
& my wish for you on this bright and beautiful, brand new today is Littles, a whole bunch of delightfully minuscule littles.