Oh, Beautiful

Oh, Beautiful

Although I sure wish it was because it is my VERY favorite holiday, today is the 30th of January, not the 4th of July.


Fortunately though, modern technology allows me to pull up words and re-express feelings of that day
& so,
I’d love to share what I wrote just a few short months ago.

It’s your birthday America !!

!! YaY !!

& before I get yet another day of food, fireworks and happiness into gear, I need to take this moment to STOP and shhhhhh.
To remember, to remind.
To say.

YOU are AWESOME !! America !!

Thank You for THIS.
For the freedom, the pride, the love, the opportunity.

Because of YOU, I know that I can do anything.
Any. Thing.
You offer me the chance to know, to grow, to say, to be
& I’m so darn proud of you.
Of US.
Together, we are absolutely amazing.

Happy, Happy Birthday, America.
I am so very fortunate to call you my country, my home, my friend.
I love you.
I applaud you.
I celebrate YOU.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Yes, America, I said it then, I say it still.

I am so very fortunate to call you my country, my home, my friend.

& sure, yes, I know.
We are flawed.
We are.
But, the flaws have always been ! and certain things will forever need to be fixed, tweaked and changed.
It’s US !
It’s how we do what we do.

I’m talking core, America.
& at that deep down, heart connected core ?


We KNOW we are beautiful.
We KNOW we are united.
We KNOW we are great
so please, let’s not let anyone ever, EVER tell us anything different.


Oh Yes I Can