and the home of the brave

and the home of the brave

One of my very favorite emotions in this whole wide world is standing in Chicago’s Soldier Field during our National Anthem.
The joy.
The pride.
The energy that flows is simply electric
Sometimes it gets even better.

Our National Anthem
! … & … !
A flyover.



There is absolutely nothing more thrilling and heart pumping than hearing “and the home of the brave ….!” as those U.S.A. jets zoommmmmm overhead.


Red, white and blue happy bubbles fill my heart during this incredibly patriotic moment
if I could, I would capture it’s super uniting power
& I’d sprinkle it around
& sprinkle it around
and sprinkle it around a bit more so all of America would wake up, inhale the glory and remember to thank our Veterans.

Every. Single. Day.

For all the big, for all the little.
For all the millions of things they do to make these United States of America possible.
Their courage truly, always amazes me
& I so wish  ‘we the people’ were as consistently, continuously unselfish.
This land that we love is ours because of those wonderful human beings.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !